23andMe: Innovating Consent Forms to Videos | Web/Mobile

It All Starts With Spit

23andMe is a genetics company that helps customers find more about their ancestry and health conditions through DNA in their spit.

My goal was to revamp the onboarding process on web. I collaborated heavily with the UX Research Intern. Two Senior Product Designers, a Regulatory Scientist, and a Legal Expert were main stakeholders in this project who provided feedback for iterations.


UX Designer

Team members

UX Research Intern


Figma, Coda


10 weeks


After working with the research intern in a qualitative study about onboarding, we found there was an overwhelming majority of users were frustrated about the length of the consent forms.

Problem: Long Consent Forms

The Solution:

Video Consents are short videos that condenses the information from the documents. For users, it can help increase understanding and retention of difficult concepts for visual and auditory learners.

Design Goals:

Increase Engagement

Having different options of learning and condensing information

Alleviate Frustration

Design overviews beforehand to set expectations on what they have to consent

Business Goals

IRB Approved Requirements

Must have access to both full document and new concept

Legal Requirements

Must have the legal verbiage and choice to consent easily

Overview Concepts

To alleviate the frustration that users had, I started drafting some designs summarizing consents. This way users have expectations of how long the entire process is and how many consents they will sign.

Video Concepts

Concept 1: Form Priority
  • Each large section would have a dedicated video if the user needs further explanation

  • Cons: Have to create a lot of content, engineering difficulties for responsive design, load time for page would be long

Concept 2: 50/50
  • Left side would stay sticky so the video can be played while looking at document

  • Cons: not clear of whether I watch the video or read document, a lot of things going on visually

Concept 3: Video Priority
  • When the user finishes watching, a pop-up module would show up with the legal authorization to continue

  • Cons: Real estate of design is clunky, tab structure cuts off the document

Final Concepts

After revising and making iterations, here is the new prototype!

Consent Overview

Setting expectations by being upfront with what consents they will need to sign and how long it takes to complete each one.

Video Consents

An engaging experience to watch and learn more about the infamous spitting process.

Full Consent Documents

Easy access to the full document to cross reference or engage with. Having it as a pop-module puts emphasis on the video and the document as support.

Legal Authorization

Once the video ends, users can choose whether they consent or not consent. The right panel has a preview of the upcoming videos and which ones they consented to.

Mobile Conscious

Once the web designs were polish, I started working on the mobile designs to see the responsive designs and how they change with different screen sizes

Reflection + Lessons Learned

Balancing stakeholder and user goals

As I am designing, I constantly tried to loop in all stakeholder regularly on my progress. This way the business and design goals that I set for this project could be achieved. When I presented my final concepts to them, they were super excited and wanted to see it built!

Putting puzzle pieces together

Consent forms were the biggest user pain point in the onboarding process, but it was not the only one. Constantly taking a step back at the entire flow and seeing how if this solution works perfectly in the new onboarding I designed. I learned that being honed into a specific flow is great, but seeing the bigger picture and how one change has a ripple effect to other parts of whole experience is important.

Next Steps

During my time there, I helped set up user testing for this concept, however my contract ended before I could see the results. I would have loved to see what iterations I could make on this concept. Overall, I am extremely grateful to have worked with 23andMe Design and being in innovative environment sparked endless creativity for this project.